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Welcome to Petit Fours by Pastry
Petit fours are bite-sized pastries that can be consumed in one or two bites. The name literally means “small oven” derived from the way the tiny treats were traditionally made. The Pastry Kitchen specializes in mini pastries and desserts crafted from high-quality organic, locally sourced, fair trade and seasonal ingredients. Our products are presented in eco-friendly packaging for any special event.
Our Products
  1. Chocolate Caviar Tartlet $4.25 e.
    Chocolate Caviar Tartlet $4.25 e.
    This ascetically pleasing tartlet is a show stopper on its very own. It consist of creamy, soft caramel, and flavored ganache in a short-dough cookie shell overflowing with eye catching spheres! Finished with candied mint or a mini gold leaf truffle
  2. Pavlova    $1.25 e.
    Pavlova $1.25 e.
    Pavlova is a play on texture. This meringue-based dessert has a crisp crust and a soft, light inside. Traditionally filled with whip or pastry cream and seasonal fruit.
  3. Tiny cakes $1.85 e.
    Tiny cakes $1.85 e.
    Our tiny cakes are layers of moist sponge filled with a jam filling & covered in a glaze or fondant icing.
  4. Palimers $1.85 e.
    Palimers $1.85 e.
    Folds of sugar-coated puff pastry.shaped like elephant ears and baked until the sugar is caramelized.
  5.  Cornets de Murat $3.25 e.
    Cornets de Murat $3.25 e.
    These hand-rolled cookies in the shape of little horns are filled with chantilly and finished with fresh seasonal fruit.
  6.  Pralines $3.25 e.
    Pralines $3.25 e.
    This choux paste pastry is filled with a praline pastry cream and topped with caramel ,hazelnuts and almonds.